oppo a51 price in bangladesh

oppo a51 price in Bangladesh = BDT18,050

Oppo a51 Full Specifications

First Release - 2015, August

Colors  -  White, Blue

Network  - 2G, 3G, 4G

RAM   -  2 GB

ROM  - 16 GB

Display Size  -  5.0 inches

Resolution  -  HD+ 720 x 1544 pixels (268 PPI)

Technology  -  IPS LCD Touchscreen

Back Camera  -  8 Megapixel

Front Camera  -  5 Megapixel

Battery    -   Lithium-polymer 2420 mAh (non-removable)

Operating System    -  Android 5.1 (Lollipop), ColorOS 2.1

Chipset   -   Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 (28 nm)

oppo a51 review

The phone we will talk about today is Oppo a51 Price in Bangladesh. This phone was first released in August 2015. When the phone comes into the fast market, this phone is popular with many people. Gained a lot of popularity when it came on the market seven years ago today. There is a camera on the back of the phone and who made the flashlight.And another small camera has been used on the front of this phone. The phone comes with a dead body made of plastic which makes the phone look less heavy.

Since the phone was launched in the market 7 years ago today, no full display of the phone would have been made. With a 5.0-inch display in this phone, the phone does not look too big and does not look small. When these phones came out five to seven years ago, people thought it was the best phone. When it comes to the design of the phone, it was the most attractive car of the time. The battery of this phone is 2420 mAh.Since the battery of the phone is small, the phone seems to be much thinner and thinner.

At that time the price of the phone was kept maybe it was too much but the phone was much better. Of course, the Oppo a51 was one of the best phones of that time. Maybe now it is time to say that no one has the phone. The phones that have come into the market in the modern era are much better than the Oppo a51 phones. So finally it can be said that the Oppo a51 phone was actually a good phone

Design And display

I like the design of the phone is attractive and beautiful. This phone uses a flashlight on the back of the camera and a small camera on the front. And a speaker on the front of the phone and a sensor on the side have been used. 

And the phone uses a charger port at the bottom. Now when it launches in the market, the phone is launched in two colors. The phone looks thinner and weighs less. The full body of the phone is designed with plastic.

The display of the phone uses an IPS LCD touch screen. And display size is 5.0 inches. The 5.0-inch display of the phone looks much smaller. The color of the display of the phone seemed very attractive to me. It was nice to see the display color and color variants. To increase the low light, the display light becomes much less.

The display is not as advanced as the display IPS LCD panel used in the phone. Although the price of the phone is higher than a phone, this phone did not have such a good feature. So it seems to me that the price of the phone as a phone is much higher.

Camera and battery

As far as the camera of the phone is concerned, the phone has become much less advanced in terms of price. As the price of the phone has been kept, the phone did not give any good future to the Oppo phone. An 8-megapixel camera has been used on the back of the Oppo phone.This phone has a 5 megapixel selfie camera on the front. The video recording quality of this phone is 1080p. 

The phone does not have a good camera setup as the price of the phone.The price of this phone should have been more than 8 megapixel camera.I don't think the camera picture of this phone is as good as the price. I didn't like the selfie camera picture in front of the phone. The Oppo a51 could offer a much better future if they wanted to, but I can't say why they didn't.

The battery capacity of this phone is 2420 mAh.The battery capacity that has been used in the result is not quite reasonable in terms of price.They could have increased the battery capacity of the phone if they wanted to but I can't say why they didn't. 

This phone takes 2 to 3 hours to charge.Once you charge this phone, you will not be able to operate it for another day.You will feel annoyed once you charge the phone. So I think if anyone buys this phone he will definitely lose.

Space and parformance

The chipset used in this phone is Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 (28nm). The RAM of this phone is 2GB ROM 16GB. The processor of the phone is Quad-core 1.2GHz.The phone is not very good when it comes to performance.

Oppo a51 2/16 GB phone is the price as Bangladesh is disgusting as a phone. The price of the phone is much less than the price of the processor chipset used in the phone. You will find many difficulties in using this phone. This phone has low battery capacity and low charger backup. The front and rear cameras of this phone look blurry when taking pictures. If you play any game with this phone, the phone will heat up very quickly.

If you have been using this phone for a long time then the phone loses its working capacity slowly. If anyone wants to buy this phone I will tell him that you will never buy this phone at this price. I would not encourage anyone to buy this phone or tell anyone to buy this phone. Lastly, if you want a good phone, then stay away from this phone.

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