Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Generally, the expression young driver has no real legal definition in the Road Code. We generally consider ourselves young drivers with a provisional license, that is, after 3 or 2 years of driving with an escort.

Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Usually, insurance companies use this period to apply for surprise young drivers. Generally, insurers may consider a young driver a motorist who has not been insured for more than 3 years or who has had a license for more than 3 years but has never been insured, as well as a driver whose driving license has been revoked.

Generally, the extra cost of auto insurance for a young driver is explained by the higher risk of damage. Specifically, insurers believe that a young driver is more likely to have an accident than an experienced motorist.

Generally, not all insurances charge this extra premium for a young driver, but some do.

Usually, this supplement for young drivers is added to the regular insurance rate, which depends, in particular, on the car. The amount of allowance varies every year unless you are involved in an accident for which you are responsible. It develops as follows:

First year: 100% increase before;

  • Second year (no claims for which you are liable): 50% increase before;
  • Three years (no claims for which you are responsible): 25% increase before.

Usually, young drivers who have escort driving experience see this half increase, so it is 50% first year 25% second and 12,5% third young drivers are also subject to a bonus/penalty system which is added to this additional bonus.

Usually, a young driver is legally required to take out at least one civil liability insurance called social responsibility... It covers property damage and personal injury that may be caused by a third party in the event of an at-fault accident.

Usually other guarantees... These are, for example, a guarantee against broken glass, a guarantee against fire and theft, or even insurance against all risks. In particular, they depend on your car: thus, most young drivers have their first used car, the cost of which does not require full insurance. Generally, however, in the case of a new car, it is better to prioritize it without hesitation.

Generally, young driver or not, your choice of insurance depends primarily on your car and how you want to protect it. Please note that insurance prices also vary depending on the car: for example, a more powerful car costs more. Usually so simulation and feel free to quote!

How much does insurance cost for a young driver?

Usually, the cost of auto insurance depends on the profile of the driver and the car: its model, engine, power, and even the year of commission. Generally, in addition, this amount also varies, of course, depending on the guarantees taken.

As a young driver, you must add a surcharge to the down payment, which can go up to 100 the first year. However, it is half as much if you were in a relationship. On average, the cost of insurance for a young driver is around 1200 €.

Usually, the young driver's insurance price is usually included. Cars between 1000 and 1500 and by equal guarantee. Prices vary between insurers, so it's worth using an auto insurance comparator or asking for a quote before signing up for cheap young driver insurance.

Insurance for young drivers: for how long?

Generally, insurers consider you a young driver 3 years after obtaining a driving license, which coincides with the period of your test... If you have surrendered your license after driving with an escort, this period may be reduced to 2 years and the premium will be less

Young drivers include:

  • Motorist with a driving license for more than 3 years, but never insured;
  • Drivers who have not been insured for more than 3 years;

Usually, drivers who had driving licenses were revoked.

Now you know everything about insurance for young drivers! It is more expensive than traditional auto insurance because insurers pay you more than the risk. Therefore, within 3 years, you will have to pay an additional premium, which may double your sum insured.

Usually driving with an escort will often get you a better young driver's insurance rate.

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